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milk paint

A mustard seed is a French seafood restaurant.


The update of a salt jar


I like how it gets black ashes. The candle seems to last longer because of salt. But I don’t seem to use it often. It is purely for decoration. Remember to stay away from scented candles or salt (maybe not vanilla). It is supposed to be white.


At night, burning, it gives off a very dramatic feeling. It feels miserable.

It is known that salt vapours is good for health. It does not smell but the vapour is there.

salt jar

Crochet napkin


Here is a pattern of a crochet napkin. It’s a pattern without a pattern. You do not need to look at the print while you enjoy your crochet.

In this way you are able to easily come up with some picture-like pattern, in an improvisational way. It will look very vintage.

I choose cream color thread. I also used to put the napkin in a hot water starch solution with essential oil (rosewood, frankiscence).

Depending on how long each next chain is, the more loose the napkin looks. You will finish a loose one faster.

Basically, it’s a coil counter-clockwise flower pattern. To me it looks like some sea anemon. It also looks like spider web.

One may use them as usual, hang on something, or under a candle. They are easy to make so you are not afraid to spoil them. If you make a lot you are not to have one alike.

Vintage Photos

An archive of historical photographs.

To inspire, to learn, to have it on your wall.

There are a lot of similar archives out there and you can easily find them at flickr or see individual images at  tumblr. But these photos seem to be unique frames. It is great when you know what kind of story you need.

Marine candle jars

It’s a set of two jars. They are the same with just different decor arrangement. This is not my favourite candle jar. I think it’s because of the specific theme of it. But I found a lot of positive traits of it, such as the jar keeps smell of a candle.

  • 2 jars; the form/shape does not matter, but if it’s a straight one put stones to the middle and not at the “fair” bottom
  • aquarium ground in completely black color (I think it is pure basalt stone, which is of a vulcanic nature, which emphasizes the purpose of theme and sense of candle); one can get decorative stones maybe even not black, but these hold the smell after burning for a great while
  • seashells and corals; preferably in white cold porcelain colors and medium size
  • one glass bottle (little “jar” vial, in medium size)
  • black sewing thread (thck); rope
  • wooden pins
  • two candles; tealights in sea scent
  • scissors, matches, wooden stick (I use some kind of long toothpicks that are sold with japanese chopsticks) or long matches
  • more big white candles

The big white candle happend to be a permanent item on a windowsill. This is a white window, painted white on the outside, with black-and-white photography in a white Ikea (jysk) frame. It’s a photo of antique set of spoons taken on this windowsill. I am sometimes lazy to go and get a candle if I feel so, or to think on which one will suit the mood, so this is perfect.

  • have two jars clean
  • put even ammount of stones at bottom
  • put seashell
  • tie rope around the top below the skrewing, 2-3 rounds
  • put pins
  • hang the small jar
  • to start using, remove decor, tilt the jar and put tealight into stones so that the metal of it is not visible
  • put decor back
  • light with long maches

I kind of hate the marine vibe, I feel as some kind of retired sailor with a lot of thunder sea experience. “This is the perfect travel for me, these are my artifacts”

The photos were taken during rainy time. When candles are blown out it is an extremely nice picture.

When not used, remove tealights same way as one puts them in. Put jars for storage somewhere, but not on some special place on a display shelf. They stand being black and marine. If you have empty space on your desk, they will accompany your latenight journaling (a sailor journal that is).

Jewelry plate

Yet another jewelry stand/holder. This is more for big jewelry pieces, and jewelry supplies maybe.

Small dining plate with small coffee cup plate on it (on a side).


The plates are actually for candles. These days one may find or make a candle in a little cup as well. So same way you can have a choice if you happen to be somebody with vintage plates. Here you see black, but the color and style of plates may be any kind. But the both plates should match in a way. Same way the actual jewelry will play with that style of plates. Antique metal will look good on white and brass will look good on flower patterns. Also this is perfect for usual gold/silver jewelry.

It is an actual interior pin if there is an open space in a room or a lot of free place on coffee table.