Travel sketch book

Plain art sketch books have kraft paper. Mostly they are used by artists during study in order to train certain skills. But everybody should go through this stress of a very quick theme that appeared before the eyes and went on living more.

Make a traveling sketchbook of a town you have never been to. There are many stock photos done by amateurs. Notice nature, views, details, how people walk there. There are a lot of things that are not landmarks, have no names, left aside.

I found it funny that the cover of a sketchbook depicts some European street with coffee tables. There must be something more to a short time living in a small town.


For example, if you go to Alexandria near Cairo, you should spend time along the International road as far as you can. Rented car or trailer and camp on beach. Go to 6 October district and imagine how you live there. Sketches of historical remnants at Alexandria give a full existence of such experience. The sea is like the ocean and that place is a home for everyone on Earth.



Make your own ‘Wreck this journal’. Get a blank journal, simple stationary, and write anything that will come to your head.

This might be a

  • task
  • wisdom
  • fact

Avoid questions. Do not include expensive items, maybe stamp. Make as many as you want. Take it with you.




It started with the wooden decoration. It’s a part of a tree branch that is curved in decorative way by nature, free of bark and polished without any lacquers. As it stands on the bends it creates a mood of a log in the forest.

I coated it with sumi ink, did rope ties with chain, ring and ribbon. Chain hangs in a nice way that indicated that this is a jewelry stand. The log creates sort of a corner where I lay pendants.


I tried to find same branches myself. Indeed I did not have to cut or break anything in the woods. I found five of them but they seem to be plain. I cleaned them of sand. They required only one layer of ink. Most of them had extremely nice natural color.

They can be used to lay jewelry on top of the log. Altogether they serve as a symbol of fireplace.

It is very common to find remnants of animals. Their bone pieces look as a part of culture for anatomy theater. I bought a part of a dinosaur spine. As always, sumi ink solves sanitary problem, and in natural color the bone looked disgusting.

Driftwood (Pinterest)