A small travel town in France. Is it on the ocean side or a seaside?



Avocado Vines


I planted few ‘hatched’ avocados in one pot with climbing plant cage. By merely being near the cage, soft young stems start to curl. All you have to do is to put them inside and around the cage, and wait for other new vines to grow upward from the stem.

Candle of salt



Crochet hook

Crochet white thread

Seasalt for cooking 0,5kg

White candle

2 Seashells

In the fortune of those who are alone in the sea, you will find all needed in nature.

Crochet around the jar as if making a fishnet. Put the candle straight in the jar, carefully put the seasalt to the top of the candle. Before the very end put one seashell so it is visible. And put another one near the fire. Burn it during showerstorms.


Origami jewelry box


Sheets of paper (A4 and 1 A3)



Band Aid

Glue, scissors, stationary knife, ruler, ink brush, carton

This is again typewriter printed text and just black sumi ink. This ink works well against trying to perfume the insides, as it is natural and does not allow bad small as well. Also clean the seashell before putting it. The smallest box is made of the leftovers from the biggest one. Any size will work as a box, but I don’t think it will survive a heavy hand. This is not for daily use or in a hurry. But if so, one can keep it open.

Fold all modules and combine the box and the lid with glue. Cut out a stripe of white carton that is more than the height of the bottom of the box for a 1cm. Make measured incisions for it fold around and place it inside with glue. Place a piece of band-aid at the bottom and glue it as well. Stain everything with ink. Prepare a little circle crochet napkin and put it at the bottom. Place the seashell.

paper, ink, jewelry


Travel sketch book

Plain art sketch books have kraft paper. Mostly they are used by artists during study in order to train certain skills. But everybody should go through this stress of a very quick theme that appeared before the eyes and went on living more.

Make a traveling sketchbook of a town you have never been to. There are many stock photos done by amateurs. Notice nature, views, details, how people walk there. There are a lot of things that are not landmarks, have no names, left aside.

I found it funny that the cover of a sketchbook depicts some European street with coffee tables. There must be something more to a short time living in a small town.


For example, if you go to Alexandria near Cairo, you should spend time along the International road as far as you can. Rented car or trailer and camp on beach. Go to 6 October district and imagine how you live there. Sketches of historical remnants at Alexandria give a full existence of such experience. The sea is like the ocean and that place is a home for everyone on Earth.