Marine candle jars

It’s a set of two jars. They are the same with just different decor arrangement. This is not my favourite candle jar. I think it’s because of the specific theme of it. But I found a lot of positive traits of it, such as the jar keeps smell of a candle.

  • 2 jars; the form/shape does not matter, but if it’s a straight one put stones to the middle and not at the “fair” bottom
  • aquarium ground in completely black color (I think it is pure basalt stone, which is of a vulcanic nature, which emphasizes the purpose of theme and sense of candle); one can get decorative stones maybe even not black, but these hold the smell after burning for a great while
  • seashells and corals; preferably in white cold porcelain colors and medium size
  • one glass bottle (little “jar” vial, in medium size)
  • black sewing thread (thck); rope
  • wooden pins
  • two candles; tealights in sea scent
  • scissors, matches, wooden stick (I use some kind of long toothpicks that are sold with japanese chopsticks) or long matches
  • more big white candles

The big white candle happend to be a permanent item on a windowsill. This is a white window, painted white on the outside, with black-and-white photography in a white Ikea (jysk) frame. It’s a photo of antique set of spoons taken on this windowsill. I am sometimes lazy to go and get a candle if I feel so, or to think on which one will suit the mood, so this is perfect.

  • have two jars clean
  • put even ammount of stones at bottom
  • put seashell
  • tie rope around the top below the skrewing, 2-3 rounds
  • put pins
  • hang the small jar
  • to start using, remove decor, tilt the jar and put tealight into stones so that the metal of it is not visible
  • put decor back
  • light with long maches

I kind of hate the marine vibe, I feel as some kind of retired sailor with a lot of thunder sea experience. “This is the perfect travel for me, these are my artifacts”

The photos were taken during rainy time. When candles are blown out it is an extremely nice picture.

When not used, remove tealights same way as one puts them in. Put jars for storage somewhere, but not on some special place on a display shelf. They stand being black and marine. If you have empty space on your desk, they will accompany your latenight journaling (a sailor journal that is).




This is a little advice. When you see the Sun setting down in a different manner. It does not make, it does not create a sunset. It just goes down. It looses whiteness of it’s light. Because it’s not Sun anymore, it’s glowing blob. It pulsates, it’s dangerous but yet warm to you. Now you feel distance no more. You want to save it, from dying.

The candle represents a similarity towards nature of Sun right now. It’s nice to have a candle during dawn and day as well.

Here you may also notice that the sky is covered with a thick veil of cloud ocean. And this dramatises everything including sunset. It’s not as night but dark enough.

A small ammount of orange sunlight lits peaks in a weird manner.


Candle of salt



Crochet hook

Crochet white thread

Seasalt for cooking 0,5kg

White candle

2 Seashells

In the fortune of those who are alone in the sea, you will find all needed in nature.

Crochet around the jar as if making a fishnet. Put the candle straight in the jar, carefully put the seasalt to the top of the candle. Before the very end put one seashell so it is visible. And put another one near the fire. Burn it during showerstorms.