decoupage technique


My style uses only one specific text for decoupage. It is really the most affordable and also appropriate way to achieve the decoupage. This keeps all made items altogether. The piece remains in the future open for any additions of decoration or remaking. This is specific for gifts, which is good because a person is able to customize and craft it more in personal way.

The text is an original lecture on law of attraction. One can see positive words.


Underlay paper


Printed text

Glue brush

I do insist on having one sheet of watercolor paper that will serve forever and set the mood, so to say. Size A3 is at best.

Test the glue you have on something first. It is easy to return again with another glue. It can be vinyl glue, a stationary clear glue. I do not recommend to use something that is said to be a decoupage glue, but getting a decoupage lacquer should be cheaper than acrylic lacquer. But if you plan to have your piece in use and not just staying still, you need smth more real. This is also about vases as you want them to stay forever. Do think about the texture of your piece, is it adhesive. With attention you will be able to find more things to decoupage.

The brush on the picture is at the same time cheap and gets clean off glue well. Prepare surfaces of working space and item. You do not need a separate free table or anything like that. The underlay paper works at best.

1. Prepare surface

2. Tear paper (optional)

3. Glue completely paper one by one

4. Put item dry

5. Check how perfect the work is (optional)

Additional materials are acrylic paint, lacquer, leaves, etc.