Feather collection


A feather has its beauty.


Rope (white crochet thread)

Pencil with eraser

Stationary and hardware glue


Carving tool

Brushes for ink and glue




Bottle family

Gather several bottles of different sizes. They must be shut with cork and have a traditional shape. Also try to find bottles of dark glass.

Have a selection of herbs. Here are mustard seeds, viola flowers, calendula. Put a couple of dry flowers at the bottom of the bottle first. Mix other herbs and fill the bottle with it. The one with the laundry pin is with rosemary only.


Glue the cork carefully and add heart. That might be done with acrylic paint on stencil. Use household glue.

This is a great homewarming.

Chain lock

A shoulderblade jacket is something every girl should have. But they are not always buttoned up in front. If that is inconvenient place a chain to connect the sides.

A chain might be a delicate one or a heavy one. But keep in mind it being strong enough. Basically the details used are the back of a choker (clasps, chain, rings, carabin). In this way, with a shirt, your chest is an incredible place for more chain jewelry.