Feather collection


A feather has its beauty.


Rope (white crochet thread)

Pencil with eraser

Stationary and hardware glue


Carving tool

Brushes for ink and glue





Ink is a universal ancient material with great power. Its support tool is feather that has an unlimited amount of interpretation.

I use two types of inks: sumi and stationary one.

Sumi. This is an Asian trade. One has to develop patience in order to produce the most black ink. I found it to be very useful for things that require treatment. It protects from mold, bugs. It is the perfect black.

Stationary. This ink is extremely fine and thin in order to be able to work in extremely fine graphic pens that give lines of 0,05mm. It dilutes very well in a lot of steps. In that way one can make draft lines that are not that visible as black ones, for that is supportive information. It is advisable to get one bottle of color ink and one black. One can use black instead of sumi when possible. It is not necessary to buy a stamp pad, try to make the stationary ink work clean.

Stay aware of art inks and stamps.


For sumi –sumi brushes

For art – natural art brushes

For stationary – basic brushes

Use feather for writing handwritten or font texts. People actually fall onto either of those. Some like themselves to be good at own hadwriting or be fast with fonts. The main font is Trojan.

Obviously, ink does not stain after and dries fast.